Renting Property

General Information Renting property in Cambodia, both lessor and lessee have to sign or give thumbprints on the Lease Agreement attached with legal property documents, lessor’s ID card/passport copy and lessee’s ID card/passport copy and it is stamped by lawyer or local authority. In general, the Lease Agreement term can be from 6 months to 50 years.

The property rent and equipment can be negotiated. You can take a lease on every individual property if lessor agrees. Deposit Payment Deposit amount can be negotiated with property owner, but if you rent any property for 6 months or one year, deposit amount that you have to pay is 2 month rent. Finding a Property to Rent All clients can find good properties to rent by searching on our professional website and then you contact us.

There are a lot of different real properties for or sale in our website, or our agent can show or bring you to see the property directly. Company Commission Search Real Estate Co., Ltd's commission for arranging a rental contract is normally 1 month's rent depending on the duration of the contract. The commission is paid by the property owner.